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Vehicle Information
Price: $9,995

Make: MG

Model: Midget Roadstser

Color: Red

Mileage: 32,788

Interior: Black

Year: 1970

VIN #: GAN5UA82962G

Carfax Report

The MG Midget was built from 1961 to 1979. There were 4 different models, known as the MkI, MkII and MkIII and MG Midget 1500. This version, the MkIII was built from 1966 through 1974. In this generation, the engine grew using the development from Mini. There were also numerous mechanical upgrades as well as cosmetic changes.

This is a customers car, it is a local car that has been restored. There is no rust anywhere, the body and paint are both in excellent condition, no dents or dings. The engine has been rebuilt, the wiring, plugs, hoses, exhaust, belts harnesses, wipers, wiper arms, filters, battery, fan, fluids are all new. It has Knock off wire wheels, we have the wooden mallets in the trunk. The Soft top is new, the boot cover is also new. All of the lights, gauges, wipers, signal indicators work. The stereo needs to be wired and the odometer in currently inop. The tires are new, we have the full size spare in the trunk, it sits on the wire wheel that has not been painted black. The chrome, trim, grill, seals, lenses, lights, bumpers, and mirrors are all new or have been restored. Both doors open easily and operate as they should. Both windows roll down and back up easily as do the wing windows. The Original Vin tag is intact and legible on the drivers side door as is the Vin tag on the dash. The upholstery and carpet both look to be Original, they were not replaced or restored with the rest of the car. The car starts immediately and runs smoothly, the clutch and running gear all operate smoothly. The car need nothing that we are aware of.

We would strongly encourage anyone looking at this MG to have a Pre purchase inspection performed, there are a number of local British shops that will provide an onsite inspection. Due to the fact it is a consignment, unless the car was picked up and dropped off by our customer, the inspection will need to be performed at our shop. We would be happy to provide the names of some local, trustworthy shops if that is helpful.

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