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Vehicle Information
Price: $33,000

Make: Toyota

Model: LandCruiser FJ40

Color: Beige

Mileage: 38,400

Interior: Tan

Year: 1972

VIN #: FJ40127694

Carfax Report

The FJ40 has become a collectible and hard to find in Original condition, most of them have been converted into Off Road Vehicles with V8's designed for Expeditions and Rock Crawling. They were also prone to rust so if they were not kept indoors or they were exposed to salt or chemicals, the frames and body show heavy wear and rust.

The 40 series was built from 1960 until 1984, competing with the CJ's from Jeep although LandCruiser enthusiasts would not agree the Jeep was competition, they were just designed to do the same thing, go anywhere. One of the appeals of this rig is the engine, it is an Inline 6-Cylinder, which have been known to run forever and were very easy to work on. It was good enough engine, they used them in the FJ60 until 1988. We saw the market on this generation Cruiser really start to climb in the last 10 years and they do not look like they are slowing down.

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Details Include;
38k Original Miles, New Paint, All Original other than the paint, Legible Vin's on the Body and Chassis, Legible stamp on the Engine. No rust anywhere, the car came out of New Mexico originally. It was kept indoors on a farm. The rear doors operate smoothly and fit snug. The spare tire swings open easily. The window seals are all in good shape, all of the glass is in good shape. The dash is clean and without cracking. The hazards work, the automatic choke works, the interior dome light works and all of the gauges illuminate. All of the gauges are operational. The fans work, the turn signals work, the side marker lights work, the brake lights work, the interior dome light works, even the lighter works. The interior floor is in exceptional condition, there is little wear and absolutely no rust. The fuel tank is in great condition. The interior upholstery and headliner all look to be original. The jump seats fold up easily and are in excellent condition. The rear floor is in great shape with very little wear and absolutely rust free. The arms on the rear hatch operate easily and tighten down to hold the rear hatch open. The roof is clean, no signs of rust anywhere on the drain lip or other areas. Mechanically, it starts on the first attempt, the manual choke works easily. The gears appear to be in great shape, it shifts and drives very nicely. The transfer case works, with both high and low range 4wd operational. The undercarriage looks like you would expect on a 45 year old truck, there is no rust other than usual surface stuff. Regular wear on everything else. The front knuckles even look to be original. The front bumper has been replaced, we are not sure why. The front Vin code on the frame is easy to read and almost looks new. We have images of the engine serial number, Vin tag, frame tag and body plate. All the numbers match and look to be all original tags and stamps.

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