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Vehicle Information
Price: $59,000

Make: Chevrolet

Model: Corvette 427 Coupe

Color: Red

Mileage: 93,815

Interior: Red

Year: 1968

VIN #: 1943785426124

Carfax Report

1968 Corvette 427 L68. This is a customers car that was purchased at Barrett Jackson in 2013. It is a Numbers matching Big Block Tri Power Corvette. The miles are Original to the best of our knowledge. It is an early L68, 427, 400hp engine mated to an Automatic Transmission. The intake number is 3919850, the Trim number is 408, the Paint code is 974, both easily legible on the Trim Plate. The trim numbers represent Rally Red paint and Red Leather interior. Options include; Power Windows, Speed Indicator, Telescoping Wheel, 3 Point Seat Belts, Pop Out Rear Window and Wire Wheels. The Engine and the Transmission are Original and have not been rebuilt, they have been regularly serviced.

During a service at a Local Chevrolet dealership, they performed a compression test with the following results; #1 170 psi, #2 165 psi, #3 185 psi, #4 170 psi, #5 200 psi, #6 165 psi, #7 175 psi, #8 180 psi. At that time, the mileage was at 93,496. They also checked all of the fluids, including the transmission and found everything to be clean and free of contaminants. New Trailing Arms and wheels shims were installed along with New upper control arms and bushings. At 93,647 miles the Power Steering components were replaced and an alignment performed. At 93, 682 miles the Local Chevrolet dealership did an annual inspection and found the Oil pan, Fuel Pump, Lower Intake Gaskets were leaking, they along with brake calipers were all replaced. In 2017 a Tune Up was performed along with New Plugs, Wires and Distributor, all at the Chevrolet dealership. The suspension has been repaired with a Front and Rear alignment.

There has been a bunch of work done on this car to bring the wiring and electronics current. Most of the internal wiring and electronics have been replaced or upgraded. That work includes; Replacing the wiring harnesses for front, engine, dash, interior, rear, power windows, rear defrost and fan, all bulbs have been replaced. The fiber optic wiring for the bulb monitoring system was replaced. The clock and vent controls are new. The shifter has been rebuilt with new springs. The vacuum plumbing was all replaced. Both headlight buckets were taken apart, rebuilt and reinstalled. The headlights come up and go down smoothly, both High and Low beams work. The Wiper door was taken apart and rebuilt, now the wipers work, they come out of the hood smoothly. The Wiper motor and washer fluid pump were both replaced. The heat deflectors underneath the car have been replaced. There was a small tear in the fiberglass on the drivers side floor that was repaired. Turn signals and Hazard lights work. The Power windows go up and down smoothly and quickly for their age. The radio was replaced with another rebuilt unit, it now operates as it should, the FM stations come in clearly, the AM is as expected in a 1968 Sports car. The Water Temperature Gauge, Oil Pressure, Battery and Fuel Gauges all work. The Clock works and keeps the correct time if you can believe that. The Odometer and Speedometer both works as do the indicators inside the display. The steering wheel is period correct but not the original. The horn and telescoping option work smoothly. The door trim is new or repaired. The ignition has been replaced with spare keys, the Original keys still work on the doors. The doors and locks operate smoothly. The wire wheels were completely restored, which was not cheap. The dash was replaced due to the fact it was cracking and had lost its original color. The center console has been replaced. The components that were replaced have been dyed to match the interior upholstery, anything that did not match has been changed or replaced. The front chrome bumper is new, the rear bumper was on when the car was purchased in 2013 and is in excellent condition. The side mirror is clean and free of defects as is the rear view mirror. The glass is clean on the windshield, back window and doors. The seals are all in excellent condition and all of the weather striping is new. The BF Goodrich Radial TA's are all New and in Excellent condition. The rocker panels and door sills show no signs of damage and are clean. The seats have been rebuilt, the upholstery was clean and not replaced. The carpet and pad are new. There are currently no leaks we are aware of, the undercarriage is clean and free of any rust other than minor surface wear. The car has been kept clean and dry its entire life, there are no odors, stains or blemishes on the interior. The paint has not been touched since 2013, there was not need to do any repairs or touching up at that time. The paint was buffed, polished and waxed, it looks great.

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