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Vehicle Information
Price: $27,500

Make: Chevrolet

Model: Corvette Lingenfelter Z06 Hardtop

Color: Black

Mileage: 21,672

Interior: Black / Red

Year: 2002

VIN #: 1G1YY12S525112212

Carfax Report

The Chevrolet Corvette (C5) is the fifth generation of the Chevrolet Corvette sports car, produced by the Chevrolet from 1997-2004.A major change from its predecessor the C4, the C5 features a hydroformed box frame, a design that offers an improved structural platform, especially for a convertible body style. To improve handling, the transmission was relocated to form an integrated, rear-mounted transaxle assembly. Connected to the all-new LS1 engine via a torque tube, the engine/transmission arrangement enables a 50-50% front-rear weight distribution. One of the more popular "high-tech" options introduced in the Corvette line is a head-up display or HUD, while another innovation is the Active Handling System (first available as an option in 1998, then standard on all models in 2001). The C5 is also the first Corvette to incorporate a drive-by-wire throttle; and variable-effort steering, whereby the assist level of the power steering is varied according to vehicle speed (more at lower speeds, less at higher speeds). Also notable, though rarely discussed, the C5 generation was the first model to adopt the parallel or 'tandem' windshield wiper configuration, abandoning the opposed configuration that was used on every previous Corvette model since the first in 1953.

A successor to the ZR-1 made its debut in 2001 as the Z06, giving a nod to the high-performance Z06 version of the C2 Corvette of the 1960s. Instead of a heavy, double-overhead cam engine like in the ZR-1, the Z06 used a high-output, tuned version of the standard LS1 Corvette engine (designated LS6), which initially produced 385 hp (287 kW).Chevrolet engineered several modifications for the Z06 to best use the increased power. Starting with the most structurally rigid body style, the hardtop or FRC, new components included: updated FE4 suspension, larger wheels and tires, revised gearing ratios, and functional brake cooling ducts. The Z06 is 38 pounds lighter than a standard C5 hardtop thanks to weight-saving measures such as a titanium exhaust, thinner glass, lighter wheel, non-EMT tires, reduced sound proofing, fixed rear radio aerial, and a lighter battery. Starting with the 2002 model year, the LS6 engine output was increased to 405 hp (302 kW) due to a larger CFM air intake, stiffer valve springs, lighter sodium filled valves and more aggressive camshaft lift and timing.

The name John Lingenfelter has become a legend in the world of performance engineering. The ambitions and aspirations of many engineers and enthusiasts, the world over, were represented almost casually in his daily life and actions. For over 30 years, Lingenfelter has been synonymous with world-class performance, taking great cars and trucks and reinventing them with legendary precision.
Today, this legendary record of precision engineering continues, as the Lingenfelter production team continues to target design excellence in the engine packages and aftermarket components. The Lingenfelter legend remains with us in every detail and is reflected in our vehicles with refined power, speed and control.

This 2002 Corvette (C5) was converted into a Lingenfelter 550 Twin Turbo Z06 in 2010 with a price of $19,000. That does not include the $4,120 for the EnglandGreen Mayhem 2 Cam kit. It is quite a car. It produces 550 BHP / 506 LBS-FT of Torque with 500 Rear Wheel HP. It holds all the mechanical power one would expect from a Lingenfelter built machine. It has been fitted with the Lingenfelter 550 HP Twin Turbo Package which includes; CNC Ported Cylinder Heads 3 Angle Valve Job, Hydraulic Roller Camshaft & Valve Springs, 2 Garrett True Ball Bearing Turbochargers,Turbo Compressor Housing & Exhaust Housing with Waste gates, Twin High Efficiency Air to Air Chargecoolers, Custom Molded Silicon Air Inducts, 304 Stainless 4 into 1 Custom Exhaust Manifolds & Tubo Outlet Adapters, Turbocharger Scavenge Pump and Turbo Oil Drain Reservoir, 2 KGN 360 Degree Conical Air Filters, Stainless Steel/Ceramic Heat Shields and Stainless Clamps, Installation & Tuning, Port Matched LSI Intake Manifold, Ported and Polished Throttle Body, Corsa Stainless Steel Exhaust, Dyno Report, Certificate of Authenticity (which we have). It is also fitted with EnglandGreen Mayhem 2 Cam Kit and Lingenfelter High Rise Supercharger Hood. The interior Package includes Custom Leather on the Steering Wheel, Shifter Knob and Boot, E brake Knob and Boot, Seat Covers, Door Panels and Console Covers.

This is a customers car, he was driving it, got tired of looking at it in his garage, so we are selling it. It has been driven very little and was used for Car shows and Cruise Ins. It is understandably Beastly on the road and not to be taken lightly or you will find your taillights passing you. The Paint, Interior and Upholstery are all in excellent condition. We just had the cooling system flushed, replaced 2 bad relays that were causing a draw and put in a new battery. The tires are Pilot Sports on the Front (265/40ZR17's) and Nitto NT555R(305/35ZR18's) they are both in good shape. The steering is in good shape with no leaks present. The exhaust is in good shape. The transmission fluid is clean and looks to be new. The belts look new. The cooling system was just flushed, there is minor seeping at the water pump. We have not seen any fluid anywhere, it was noted on the inspection we did. We replaced the passenger side door actuator only to find out it needs a new module, which we decided not to do. Heater hoses are in good shape. We just did an oil change. The front brakes are good, the rear brakes are at 40% and it looks like the rear calipers have been downsized for some reason. There seeping at two of the turbo hoses, it was not significant enough for us to repair, we want to disclose it though. This Vette is over the top, we spent $1k on the items we listed above, to replace the water pump and two turbo lines would be around $1700. Neither repair was at the point we felt it worth doing but they would need to be done in the future at some point depending on how much the car is driven.


Details Include;
Only 21k Miles, Clean Carfax, Lingenfelter 550 Twin Turbo Pkg, EnglandGreen Mayhem 2 Cam Kit, 550hp/506lb ft of Torque, Short Shift, Lingenfelter Highrise Supercharger Hood, Adjustable Exhaust, Head Up Display, Leather Steering Wheel, Z06 Specific Analog Gauges, Dual Auto Climate, Bose Speaker System, Z06 Fender Emblems, Rear Brake Cooling Ducts, Power Retractable Halogen Headlamps, Bose Sound, Factory Chrome Rims, Short Shift, Leather, Boost Gauge, Leather Steering Wheel, Power Windows/Mirrors/Locks, Cruise, Front/Rear Defrost, 1 Master Key, 1 Valet Key, Books, Clean Title, Clean Carfax.

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